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Features / FTP Client

Online FTP Client

Codeanywhere has an integrated FTP client, so among other things it is a web based FTP client, meaning you can connect to your servers from anywhere. The online FTP Client supports both FTP and SFTP servers. Add as many servers as you like, edit files, create and delete files or folders. You can even edit the permissions on folders and upload and download files and folders to and from your computer.

Feature list:
★ Navigate and browse your SFTP and FTP servers.
★ Create and rename files and folders.
★ Delete files and folders (recursively).
★ Copy and move files and folders (even between servers).
★ Use CHMOD to adjust the permissions of files and folders on your server.
★ Upload and download your files to your servers.
★ Use SSL to work securely.

Codeanywhere's online FTP client will definitely satisfy all you FTP needs, and even surpass some.